About EazyColours water-soluble cosmetic colourants

Colourants can be very subtle and muted and some people feel that their products are being held back by the usual wishy-washy colours that are generally on offer. 

This is where EazyColours comes into play. EazyColours is all about offering you vibrant, colourful ingredients that will make your bath products more appealing.Not only do they colour your bath water, they can colour your product too.

EazyColours are 100% water-soluble cosmetic colourants.

No emulsifier is needed, they do not stain, float on top of the water or leave a residue in the bottom of your bath. In fact

you won't even have to clean your bath once you pull the plug; it will be sparkly clean.

From bath bombs and bubble bars, to salts and soaps, these colourants are for you if you are looking for a vibrant, in-your-face, visual delight!

We also supply oil-soluble colours, micas, glitters and other ingredients. please make sure you choose the correct ingredients for your product.


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